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Esha New York

14K: Ruby Necklace | July Birthstone | Fine Jewelry | 2.5mm

14K: Ruby Necklace | July Birthstone | Fine Jewelry | 2.5mm

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Necklace length
This ruby necklace is made to order. It typically takes 3 to 5 days to ship, but please inquire if you need to know the exact processing time.

I take pride in offering the highest quality ruby beads available in the market.
Sourced from Tanzania, an area nestled within East Africa’s Great Rift Valley, renowned for hosting one of the most significant gem deposits on Earth.
These rubies are completely natural, not subjected to any color treatment, and exhibit a stunning deep red hue.

Ruby approximately 2.5mm
14K solid gold beads
14K solid gold clasp

【Metaphysical benefits】
Ruby, renowned for its healing properties, is thought to boost vitality, inspire love, and instill courage.
This precious gem is believed to offer protective energy and activate the Root Chakra, promoting stability and grounding.

All of my jewelry come in a beautiful gift packaging.

【Customers outside the U.S.】
To arrange FedEx shipping, please provide me with your phone number when you check out. Thank you so much.

International customers are subject to customs/duty fees from the post office upon delivery.
Especially UK customers, please be aware.
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