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Esha New York

14K Solid Gold: Blue Tourmaline Bracelet | 2mm | 6.5" | Ombre | Teal Blue

14K Solid Gold: Blue Tourmaline Bracelet | 2mm | 6.5" | Ombre | Teal Blue

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Bracelet length
Tourmaline 2.5mm
14K solid gold
6.5 inches

I especially choose to rearrange all the tiny beads when creating a multicolored tourmaline beaded bracelets and necklaces.
This allows for a gentle gradation of colors, creating a smooth transition between different shades of tourmaline and resulting in a beautiful and harmonious jewelry.
By taking the extra time and effort to carefully arrange the beads, I can create a unique and personalized piece that showcases the full range of colors found in tourmaline.

【Can I wear everyday?】
Yes! All metal components are solid gold and the thread is made of durable 304 stainless steel with a nylon coating, chosen for its durability and quality. It doesn't rust and can withstand water, even saltwater. While it's best to take it off before water activities, don't worry if it gets wet.

【About Size】
Bracelet's length is from end to end, including the clasp.
US standard size for women: 7" (17.78 cm)
US standard size for men: 8" (20.32 cm)

【Please Handle with Care】
A lot of my jewelry showcases dainty gemstones and is carefully crafted with delicate materials and thin threads. While I've taken steps to ensure their durability, I'd kindly ask for your help in treating them gently to avoid any unintended pulling or hooking.

All of my jewelry comes in beautiful gift packaging.

【Customers outside the U.S.】
To arrange FedEx shipping, please provide me with your phone number when you check out. Thank you so much.

International customers are subject to customs/duty fees from the post office upon delivery.
Especially UK customers, please be aware.
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