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Esha New York

Tourmaline Bracelet Briolette | 2.5mm

Tourmaline Bracelet Briolette | 2.5mm

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Natural multi colored tourmaline 2.5mm
14K gold

While it may not be a common practice, I especially choose to rearrange all the tiny beads when creating a multicolored tourmaline beaded necklace.
This allows for a gentle gradation of colors, creating a smooth transition between different shades of tourmaline and resulting in a beautiful and harmonious necklace.
By taking the extra time and effort to carefully arrange the beads, I can create a unique and personalized piece that showcases the full range of colors found in tourmaline.

While the color of the necklace you receive may vary slightly, I'm committed to ensuring it maintains the same artistic beauty as depicted in the listing photos.

【Customers outside the U.S.】
International customers are subjected to customs/duty fees from the post office upon delivery.
Especially UK customers, please be aware.

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